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Press Release

New “Must-Go” Photo Spots Amidst Seaside Dining and Resort Surrounds

September 2018

What do a romantic flower wall, giant fruit sculptures and massive bean bags have in common?  They are all social media image magnets for couples, families and BFFs. These three enormous new photo-op installations are now on display at the Gold Coast Piazza.


Combined with the seaside resort surroundings and internationally flavored restaurants, including the recently opened Western-Vietnamese fusion pub restaurant, Viet Bu Tong Kitchen & Bar. The Gold Coast offers visitors a day trip designed for fun, relaxation, good food and lots of selfies.    


I Heart You

The new Indie Pop Floral Wall is made of hundreds of red and pink dried flowers, just the thing for couples and gal pal “besties” to spell out their love with a giant “+,” “=” and heart. 


A fruit salad of photo opportunities

With giant fruit sculptures newly scattered around the Piazza, take your fabulous selfies and mix your own fruit salad.


Bean bag bonanza

Need a break after your fruit salad selfies? Why not pick your own giant bean bag to relax upon, scattered around the real grass lawn open to the public during weekends and public holidays to the end of 2018.  The bean bags are the perfect spot for picnics, catch-ups with friends, or simply for unwinding under the sun.   


The Mediterranean without the flight

Photo ops don’t end there.  Gold Coast, with its Mediterranean ambience, waterfront promenades, yacht marina and sea views are the perfect backdrops for an European photo tour that you don’t need to fly for.


Culinary trip around the world

Any great day out includes good food to share and the Gold Coast Piazza is no exception. With seven restaurants offering an array of international cuisines including Vietnamese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, Italian and much, much more. 


Restaurant choices for every mood include:


Viet Bu Tong Kitchen & Bar

Viet Bu Tong Kitchen & Bar (VBT) recently opened and now has become a regular place to hang out in the Gold Coast. VBT offers a selection of traditional Vietnamese street food – Soup Noodles, Rice Rolls & Skewers together with some Western fusion dishes, like Homemade Baby Back Ribs. All dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and to the highest standards. There is a children’s menu and a daily set lunch available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. VBT also has a wide range of Draft & Bottled Beers, Cocktails, Mocktails & Vietnamese Coffee & Tea, making it your place for special events & parties!

Reservations:  2363 6118



Fashionable and elegant, this is one of the largest Japanese restaurants in Tuen Mun. The sashimi and sushi are jet-fresh and Kazuhiro is also known for its Kagoshima Wagyu Sukiyaki with melt-in-your-mouth marbled beef and a rich and flavorful special sauce.  Teppanyaki is created by a dedicated chef, including the variety with Spanish Iberico loin and Morchella cream sauce.

Reservations:  tel. 2352 1110



The authentic Italian cuisine here is a community favorite and draws food lovers to Gold Coast from all over Hong Kong.  Two of the menu standouts are the lightly charred, juicy Grilled King Prawns and tender and tangy Lemon Chicken.

Reservations:  tel. 2628 1117



Known as the “laksa expert” in Singapore for more than 100 years, Killiney chefs are recognized Southeast Asian culinary masters. Killiney’s Laksa includes prawn, fish cake, eggs, vegetables and tender tofu puffs to absorb the rich soup broth.  Also not to be missed is the Kaya Toast, synonymous with Killiney, in which toast is slathered with a homemade secret recipe sauce made from pandan, coconut milk, fresh eggs and sugar. 

Reservations:  tel. 2194 6208


Kung Fu Deluxe Dim Sum Kitchen

When family and friends are craving traditional Cantonese dishes and dim sum, Kung Fu Deluxe Dim Sum Kitchen can satisfy that with their expansive yum cha dishes such as the Pork Liver Sui Mai and the newly introduced Braised Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken Feet and Pork Ribs, made to order.  As memorable as the cuisine is the panoramic marina view.   

Reservations:  tel. 2613 2380


Pacific Coffee

For a pick-me-up or cool-me-down, ever-popular Pacific Coffee is offering summer promotional drinks, including Iced Beetroot Honey Lemonade, Yuzu Beetroot Chillino and Blueberry Beetroot Chillino, that are both refreshing and super healthy (Available until Sep 11, 2018).  

Enquiries:  tel. 2457 7373



The gelato here is made fresh daily by hand, including the signature fruit ice stick and puppy-faced gelato. (It’s also a fun, insta-worthy spot.)

Enquiries: tel. 2889 6663


About Gold Coast Piazza

As part of the Gold Coast resort destination, Gold Coast Piazza is located on the Castle Peak Bay waterfront.  It is a scenic, European-style dining, entertainment and shopping destination in an open-air, pedestrian-friendly setting.  Its romantic Mediterranean architecture and ambience is complemented by a terrace garden, waterfront promenade and the yacht marina, while a festive spirit pervades the piazza year-round with seasonal décor, activities and performances.


Its renowned repertoire of seaside and alfresco dining outlets, pub and coffee shops offers Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, French, Italian, Chinese and Western cuisine and casual comfort food. A wealth of amenities is also available including convenience store, supermarket, laundry, arts and education centers, beauty and barber shops, and ATM services.  For more information, please visit or